Stuck between Saturday and Sunday…

Not a bad place to be! I have not a clue what time zone I am in. All I know is we are soaring above the Pacific Ocean at an incredibly fast pace. In Atlanta, it is 11:05 Saturday morning and having left LA about eight hours ago it is 8:05 there.
This is an undertaking of a plane ride. Pictured below is an Airbus 380! It’s pure engineering ingenuity. The two-story plane can seat up to 850 passengers and crew members. The full size restroom allows my 5’11” frame to extend completely upright. It has both hot and cold water. And provides lotions and refreshing mist. Being on a plane for nearly 20 hours, I think it is going to get pretty steamy in here! 

Having purchased our tickets in October at a reduced rate of $690 with South China Airline, a company of Delta. It is a round trip from LA to New Diehl, I must say the seat is a little rough on the rear. We are in the economy class, fairly roomy, but absolutely no cushion to spare. The life jacket under my seat I think would be more pleasant. I also don’t think it helps that I broke my tailbone. Not recently, but when I was a young tenacious basketball player. I was attending the University of Georgia’s team basketball game. I was playing four to six games a day and loving every minute, until the fatal fall. I was extending to get an aggressive defensive rebound. It was slow motion and my feet were quickly above my head. I fell into a perfect V formation, that would have rivaled cheerleading pike perfection. Consequently, I broke my coccyx bone and given an inflatable doughnut to ease the pain. Doctors can’t make a cast around your rear. 
What I would give to have my blue butt pillow back! It was two hours into our journey East when that all too familiar tingling started. I have walked. I have stretched. I slept, restlessly. I am sure my cabin mate is hating all my moving, but he snores. Not even half way through the flight, but I am still super excited to visit and explore a destination I was only reading and watching movies about just last week!

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