Gandhi, Tombs, and a Mosque, Oh My!

Day two was action packed! We were off to an early start with an Uber ride. Yes, the Uber app works in India! We traveled to the memorial park of Rajiv Gandhi. The park has deep roots from the British rule and aristocrats that once inhabited the area. When India became independence in 1947, they converted it to a public space. It is peaceful, beautifully manicured, and FREE. When entering the park, they require you to enter a metal detector and x-Ray your bags. I was pulled aside about my bag. I have a small allergy to insect stings. Being in a foreign country, my EpiPen is riding shotgun in my purse. The guard didn’t like the looks of them, but he let me keep them! I am sure he was thinking crazy white girl!
Gandhi’s ashes are buried at the center of the park. While visiting the grave of Gandhi, I witnessed an Indian woman place marigolds in a circular pattern on top of the tomb. Another woman took a quiet moment of prayer. She was repeating a chant very quietly. I wanted record both, but I also wanted to respect their privacy. 

After the park, we walked to Jama Masjid, a Muslim masque. As we approached the masque, a man was giving us tickets and wanting 300r. We complied, but I think it was a scam. The hustle is real. While walking inside the temple, an Indian family approached me. I thought they wanted me take a picture of the family, but they wanted their picture with me. Again, an awkward moment. Like I am this unseen creature, let’s pose with her. I allowed two pictures and then excused myself. Needless to say that has NEVER happened to me EVER. I am however feeling like a rockstar with all the attention. 

Before our last stop, we traveled the markets of Old Delhi. The shops were filled with sari fabric, lace, trim, beads, and various foods. Our last stop was the tomb of Isa Khan. It was once a fort, but now acts as a sanctuary and prayer spot for Muslims. Approximately 138 million Indians are Muslim, which is about 13% of the population. The tomb stop was at noon, so the heat was kicking. We retired early and called in for take-out from a local Indian spot. The top dish was Dal Makhani, a spicy soup/stew mix served over rice. 

Tomorrow, we are driving to Agra to see the Taj Mahal! During our stay in Agra, the Hindu festival Holi is being celebrated! It is known as the festival of colors…can’t wait to throw some powdered dyes! 

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