Happy Holi

We checked out of our hotel and commissioned a driving service from the company Discover Su Mundo. The owner Sandeep Nath met with us yesterday to explain the outline of our two-day excursion. Three cities, a major Hindi celebration, and the Taj Mahal, all wrapped into a road trip! 

Today is the celebration of the god Krishna. He was quite the trouble maker as a boy. Multiple girlfriends, teased people by throwing water on them, silly dancing, and many more tricks. On Holi day, Hindus are in happy moods, sprinkle colored water on each other, and throw colored powder! Holi is known as the festival of color. He is the character in blue in the picture collage. 

The first stop was the city of Mathura to the Krishna Balaram temple. It was massive! We were able to observe chanting and praying by Hindis as they walked into the temple. Again, no photo documentation, but I was very moving. On the perimeter of the temple, were cast iron figures of Krishna telling the stories is his boyhood fun. 

Again, I was solicited for photos with the tall pale white girl. Rebecca, Diego’s little sister, captured the moment on her camera. Once we share the SD cards and pictures, I am sure the documentation will be hysterical! The towered green-eyed gaint among the colorful powder pigment teenagers. 

The next town away, maybe five minutes, was Vrindavan. The Hare Krishna community temple was full of drumming, dancing, and ceremonial chants in the name of Krishna the God! Everyone was covered with color pigment. We still had another two hours in the car, so we didn’t participate in the color fun. However, I did purchase four packets of color. I am going to try and paint with powder and maybe give some to my niece and nephew for a color war! 

Tomorrow is a big day! Up early to be at the Taj Mahal by 6:30 in the morning! Can’t wait to share!!! 

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