Passenger Side

Today we made the three hour drive from Agra to Delhi. My tunes of choice and the inspiration of my blog title was Wilco’s Passenger Side. I desperately wanted to sleep in the car, but it was a challenge with uneven paving and the occasional pot hole. On a gasoline stop, I was able to capture some images of tracker trailers. They know how to pimp out their trucks in Agra!   
Before we entered the city, we snuck in a modern temple built in 2005. Swaminarayan Akshardham (pronounced similar to Amsterdam, like in Holland) Is a 100-acre property that showcases Indian art, wisdom, heritage, and values. Unfortunately, we were unable to take anything inside with us, so no cameras and no Polaroids. But pictured below are some of the images from the guide book. It’s retail value was 5r (.07 USD)!!! 

On the exterior walls of the temple were twelve paneled paintings that told the story of the boy yogi, Neelkanth Varni. It was a cool moment to make the connection to the movie Mystic India, I viewed pervious to coming here! It was a great “ah ha” moment. 

After visiting the temple, we finished making our way to our next resting stop. A very uneventful day, but looking forward to my last full day of fun tomorrow. Fingers crossed, I sneak in a museum! 

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