33 is around the corner…

Tomorrow is the day that I have been counting down to and it is not because it is my 33rd birthday. Tomorrow, May 30th begins my next travel adventure. I have packed my backpack. It is weighing in just under 25 pounds, lighter than my pack to India. I have checked-in online with Delta. Made final arrangements with the B&B in London, and rechecked my check list. I know you can’t prepare for every scenario and there will be bumps along the excursion…but bring it on!

I am certain I will not sleep a wink tonight. It is like Christmas Eve and I am five years old waiting for Santa. My friends anticipated that I would be up until four in the morning packing, but I am ready to roll ONCE my technology is full charged.

Send positive energy as I anticipate long lines in the TSA Security lines at the airport. Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal. Pat me down, search my bags, do want you need to do, just get me to London!

A few nights ago, I relived my China Southern nightmare in a dream form, but it was compounded because I lost my luggage and my passport! Let’s hope this dream does not become a reality. 

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