An Open Letter to Airlines

Dear Airline Companies, 

As a traveler, I would not say that I am expert or seasoned, but I am a paying costumer who works tirelessly to save my teacher pennies to plan trips for holiday. This holiday is a spectacular adventure for me and my mom. We started planning six month ago, scheduled flights, found the best deals for excursions, and still was meet with a disgruntled flight attendant. How can open person’s annoyance in her chosen profession disrupt the positive energy of the 60 and Doc backpacking adventure?

As we boarded the plan, we were surrounded by the Biosteel Elite Canadian 16-18 basketball team. The tallest player was 6’11” and the shortest was 6’2″. It comprised of the top 25 athletes from Canada. Each player had two to three new pairs of Nikes with boxes and had just finished an unsuccessful tournament in Atlanta. They were BIG boys and their bags and equipment were large, too. 

My little ol’ mom and I were the last seat before the bathroom leaving NO overhead storage room. The lovely flight attendant, let’s call her Linda, was less than excited to help with our luggage. Rude does not begin to describe the level of sass she was delivering to me and my packs.

As I was escorted to first class, not for a complementary upgrade and additional flight attendant, Stephen, was more than happy to make room for our belongings. So my note to airlines is rid your companies of people who don’t enjoy the company of strangers. These strangers spend enormous amounts of money to ride in your uncomfortable planes with loud engines to escape to a new destination. Your employees are the first faces of people’s holidays, a smile and helpful hand go a long way!

Listen, Linda…I am not going to hold it against you or let you ruin what is going to be an amazing adventure, but word to the wise…JUST BE NICE!


P.S. The letter was typed on May 30th. We have officially landed in London and have met with our AirBnB flat owner! We are getting showers and about to take off and discover our little nook of Hyde Park Square!