Big Al’s Post

I am turning over the blog tonight to my mom, Big Al! It was another great day in London even if I misread our walking tour times :). Hereeeee’ssss Johnny, I mean Alice…

The day started out very brisk and windy. We headed to Liverpool Street to take in the street art tour. As we waited by “the goat” four our guide, Sarah became concerned when he did not show. There was a very good reason, we were a day early. So we took advantage of some real off the grid exploring. As usual we stopped by Starbucks for my caffeine fix and WiFi fix for Sarah. As we began our expedition Sarah said, “I want to see that building.” So we walked in the general direction to come upon the 30 St. Mary’s Axe, a glass and steel structure that is nicknamed the Gherkin or Egg. It is a major financial center for London. As we made our way toward it, it is a massive and sets down in one of the oldest areas of London. 

As we left we passed by a TK Maxx, yes TK Maxx not TJ Maxx. We stopped in, but it very similar to home. We hopped back on the tube to head toward the River Thames area. We walked down by the river had our packed and partially purchased lunch watching the people and boats on the river. After lunch, we walked over the Hungerford Bridge and into Victoria Embankment Park. It was beautiful, but was in the middle of planting so not totally in bloom. We adventured into the Somerset House. Could not figure out the purpose. Massive old home that was apparently an art center, but we saw none. We left and headed back over the Thames by way of Waterloo Bridge. Took a picture for mom. As that is the title of one of her favorite movies with Vivien Lee.

I am a little disappointed in hometown Coke-a-Cola. We pre purchased tickets in December and this was my first senior citizen purchase. We thought this pre purchase meant no lines. WRONG! We stood in line for about thirty minutes bookended by families with small children in strollers. However, it was a spectacular view of London. It reminded me of the Skyhigh Bar in Dublin at the Guinness factory. We saw Big Ben, Parliament House, Westminster Abbey, and the beautiful London skyline. We meet a sweet couple from Birmingham, Alabama in our pod. 

After viewing the city, we had a few hours to kill, so I treated Sarah to authentic high tea at Harrods. As we walked into Harrods, the opulence of the retail world. We were both on sensory overload. After trying to get my bearings, Sarah located the tea room and we ordered high tea with champagne. We ordered too much, but even as fancy as Harrods is, you can take home a doggy bag. So we had dinner, too!

Sarah and I walked over 20,000 steps today. Part of this being due to hitting the tube during 5 o’clock rush hour. Our first two stops were like being sardines in a can. I was quite up close and personal with a very nice English business man. As it became more crowded, it also became unnerving. So Sarah and I skipped our last stop and walked the remainder of the trip back to the flat. Needless to say, our dogs are tired tonight, but tomorrow is another adventure to be had.