Street Walkers

Yes, that’s what we were today. We walked the streets of East London. But get you head out of the gutters, we walked around with a tour guide exploring the graffiti and street art on Fashion Avenue, Brick Lane, and Shoreditch High Street. Our tour guide Dave was informative and passionate about the world-class artists that have placed their murals, sculptures, and tags on the streets of London. There was a sense of pride he had for his city. Our tour began at 10 and concluded at 2 with the all and powerful Banksy, the World’s King of street art. 

As we walked the streets, I furiously took pictures and typed in a notes page on my phone as ideas were streaming through my mind. Everything from possible business models in my own little town of Decatur to art ideas, and as always lesson plans. 

I think the pictures will be more powerful than the words. But I did like Dave’s distinction between street art and graffiti. Street art is a message that made for the public, for all pedestrians of the streets to interpret. While graffiti is an expression of words, text, or tags that is an artist’s expression of their ego. It is their purpose to show off for other artists and it made for the people within the culture. Click here to see Dave’s site

It was a fabulous afternoon getting lost in a world of spray paint, text, and color! My only wish was to tag my own piece in London. It reminded of me when I drove across the States and stopped in Amarillo, Texas to see Cadillac Ranch. Check out my old blog to see the images of my favorite tag, my dog, Dooney! It was a three part stencil I placed throughout my journey!

After our walking tour, we hit a local market filled with artist prints, leather works, and custom made clothes. I fell in love with some awesome dresses, but stepped away because we have a limited packing space. I am sure I will regret not purchasing one or all of them!

As the late afternoon snuck up on us, we needed replenishment. We had decided to splurge on an English classic, Fish and Chips! The light crispy ale batter and fat thick fries were delicious! Totally worth the calories of fried foods. We avoided the subway rush hour successfully, unlike yesterday! Mom wanted to venture into Selfridges department store, similar to Harrods, but a little less piazza. There was a super cool tray that would have been perfect for my coffee table. It looked like an artist’s color palette with the names of mixes and colors. The nearly 300 pound price was a little outside my budget, but the all leather Monopoly game for 1,200 pounds…I am going back for tomorrow. 

We headed home after a stop by the grocery for some light snacks of chocolatey pudding and cheesy pita crisps. Tomorrow we are going to beat the afternoon rain while we explore the Princess Diana Memorial Walk through four parks: Kensington Garden, Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James Park. This seven mile walk tomorrow will be a great way to burn off those fish and chips.