Last London Adventure

Today my mom and I walked at total of 10.75 miles, which is 23,515 steps on my FitBit! We started off the day super relaxed without waking up to an alarm clock. We did not have a set schedule and were navigating a different part of London on our own. 

We went to our daily stop at Starbucks for the free wifi and caffeine. We started at Lancaster Gate for the Princess Diana Memorial Walking Tour. It was a free PDF download on the parks division of London. From the beautiful fountains in the Italian Garden to the Peter Pan statue, it was truly a beautifully relaxed day. It was no shock that the skies were grey, but it provided a cool breeze as we meandered through the gardens.

We zig-zagged a handful of times to see the Serpentine Gallery and the Magazine. BOTH art spaces were FREE!!! We saw works from Alex Katz and Etel Adnan. The abstract expressionism paintings of Katz were larger than life. He recently displayed in Atlanta, so it was a cool connection to see additional artwork of his. Adnan, a female textile and painter, had a strong sense of color. Below are some her tapestries that seriously look like paintings. Not only was the artwork amazingly colorful, but the gallery spaces were a cool combination of exposed bricks and modern sheet rock. As we walked through the space, there all walks of life enjoying a Saturday afternoon at the galleries and in the park.

I know we only explored a small section of the nearly 700 acre green space. We ended our tour through the rose gardens and ended in Buckingham Palace. The Union Jack was flying over the grande estate, so the Queen was home! The large scale of the home is mind blowing with 775 rooms, of which 19 are state rooms, 132 Royal and quest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, ,92 offices, and 78 bathrooms. There are 1,514 doors and 760 windows, which get cleaned every 6 weeks. And I thought it was difficult to clean my 980 square foot condo in Decatur!

After our tour of the Royal life, we hit the tubes again to catch a glimpse of the London Tower and London Bridge. My mom and I walked across the brightly painted blue and red bridge. Mom told me the last time she came, the London Bridge was literally falling down. We treated ourselves to a delicious s’mores frappacino, which was loaded with calories, but as I mentioned previously we walked ourselves to death today!

I am looking forward to our next adventures in Amsterdam. I will return to London. It is “like nothing else” as quoted from one of the street artist yesterday. The tube system was simple to use! It is color coded making it was easy for my art brain. I enjoyed the slew of free art opportunities. Next time I return, I would like to ride on a double-decker bus and tour outside the city. I can only image the rich lush greens here in the city magnified!

I am not sure I will post tomorrow being that it is a travel day with airport security, stuffy planes, and hopefully happy flight attendants to assist with bags. Thanks for reading the adventures of 60 and Doc!