Peace Out Amsterdam

Given our last experience at Gatwick airport, I made the executive decision to head early to the airport. The set up here is different from what I have experienced in my past travels. They have a common lounge area with shops and restaurants in one central location, then with thirty minutes before your flight you walk to the terminal. We were a little disoriented at first, but now we sit and wait! Can’t complain with complimentary Wi-Fi, my sketchbook, and music plugged in! 

Today prior to leaving, we hauled our laundry down to the Clean Machine. Two loads of laundry, washed, dried, and folded for about $20…my dream would be to have a cleaners on my street like this! After eliminating our dirty clothes, we scheduled a one-hour canal ride through the historic neighborhoods of Amsterdam. The weather was perfect and I am certain with another hour, I would have been lulled to sleep! As we departed the ship, mom mentioned that we only covered a small portion of this below sea-level city! And again, another place to return in the future. 

Amsterdam was a walkable city with a unique culture! I think my favorite parts were on the outskirts in the smaller cities and towns, like Haarlem where we saw the organ played by a young Mozart. I think next time, we will rent a car and travel from town to town exploring the countryside. 

Yesterday, it was truly amazing to interact with so many people that spoke multiple languages. Edgar, our guide through the windmills and clog factory, spoke Dutch, English, Spanish, and French. I made a resolution to work on my Spanish skills. I took three years of language in high school, but not nearly enough to confidently travel Latin America! Observing Edgar gave me a nudge to get back on my Spanish lessons! 

 After our airport lounge time, a night hunt through Oslo will lead us to find our new B&B. I am not sure how much it will feel like night with the sun setting at 10:35 pm!