2nd Stop in Norway

Prior to heading out on the Oslo Express train to the airport this afternoon, mom and I took a stroll through a sculpture garden. It was a 5-minute walk from our bed and breakfast. The Vigeland Park was the life’s work of sculpture Gustav Vigeland. The garden is 80 acres with 214 statutes of the human figure. Vigeland sculptured in bronze and marble the various relationships between humans and the cycle of life. I think one of my favorite was the young baby below. He was placed along the bridge off to the side looking up to adult figures. It was an impressive body of work and a beautiful morning to end our Oslo adventure.

Being an eager beaver, we arrived to the airport to witness three other flights to Bergen leave prior to ours. Better early than late! It was a short flight and we sat in the same seats as our flight from Amsterdam to Oslo! 6A and 6B are the Erickson’s assigned seats. We are close to the front of the plane. Teachers you know you always place the rowdy kids who need more attention up front!

I have truly enjoyed our trip, but when scheduling our excursions there are two I am most excited about. One is here in Bergen and the second in Sweden. The anticipation for the excursion in Bergen was heightened as I watched the last fifteen minutes of our flight. As we crossed over snow capped mountains, the land began to dip into lush green rolling peaks and the hills trickled into emerald green seas. The mountains looks as if they were moss covered stepping stones for giants of an unknown world. I can’t wait to embrace all of Bergen by boat, bike, train, and kayak. 

We are resting in our new B&B, our host is an American from Virginia Beach that married a Norwegian man. For dinner, we dined on a delicious meal of grapes, cheese, and potato chips. No comment on the nutritional value of our meal! When the grocery stores are ALL closed on Sundays, you only have so many options, so we had to eat out of a convenience store.

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