Love in Bergen

Took a break from writing yesterday. I just could not seem to grasp the horrible news from the States. I could not find the eloquent words that perfectly stated just how horrible I feltfor the 49 people who lost their lives. As a supporter of the gay community, I can’t image the horror felt in that nightclub. 

As I was leaving Amsterdam, a dear friend in Mexico sent a video with lights flickering, music pumping (our song ‘I got a feeling’ by the Black Eyed Peas), and people dancing with joy. It breaks my heart to think about the events in Orlando. Mom and I have had conversations about the events, and we watched Anderson Coopers touching tribute to the victims that aired last night 8 eastern central time on CNN

My favorite hashtag I have seen on social media is #alllivesmatter. We are about 4,100 miles from home. When you take a moment and observe the people around you, we are truly all the same. As we walked to the tram today for our mountain hike, three teachers were escorting kindergarten students down to the fish market for a field trip. The young man who was directing traffic at the tram did his job with a smile, even if stubborn tourist were resistant to following a simple task to stand on a yellow line. 

We are all people working in our communities. All over the world these simple tasks are done daily. People living their lives with their families and friends. Love and kindness are the most important attributes that span the globe! 

While standing 554 meters on the Blåmanen peak of Mt. Floyen, the silence was a calming force and I sent positive energy into the universe. 

Tomorrow, we have an early train ride at 6:50 to start our excursion through the fjords of Norway! 

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