Alice’s Travel Guide to Sight-seeing with Sore and Tired Legs…

Hey party people! Every stop, I like to turn the keyboard over to my mom. Here are her thoughts on our 18th day…

What do you do the day after a trip that will forever be imprinted on your brain? You 1 buy a Bergen card. 2 Because you are a teacher and sitting in the country with the best schools in the world – you visit the School Museum. 3 Because your body is sore from yesterday you hop the tram to a church you found that was build in 1150. And 4 you stroll through the the Kode Museum.

The Bergen card allowed for free admission and transportation for the day. The card made it easy and saved us money. Our first stop the School Museum was interesting but everything was in Norwegian, however the artifacts, classrooms and paintings they used as teaching aids were quite interesting. There were classrooms, science room, lecture hall and even a clinic. The students not only went to the school they lived in the school. Christy Stephenson you were born in the wrong time.
We left Bergen headed to Fantoft. Once in Fantoft we did as we were told – turn left at the grocery store and you will find the church. What we were not told was that the walk to the church was straight up a hill for several blocks. Remember the sore body part well this did not bode well for that but it was worth it. We entered the drive under a canopy of trees and lush ferns and grass. It was the most peaceful walk. The drive opened up to the Stave Church which was built in 1150. The roof was all hand carved wood scallops. When you entered the sanctuary you nose was bombarded with the smell of sweet wood and your eyes were mesmerized by all of the carving and wood work. It was a piece of art. Sarah and I walked around the grounds and stopped to have our regular brown bag lunch on a stone bench in the woods.

On our return to Bergen it began to sprinkle, but we soldiered on to the Kode Museum. We began with the contemporary art and I do mean contemporary. Several of these pieces I believe I could have done. A canvas painted completely gray-yes I could do that. A piece of rusted rebar leaving against a white canvas – yes I could do that too. We moved rather rapidly through this section and into the Norwegian art. The art in this section was truly beautiful. We did not venture into the last section as we wanted to return to the flat before the weather turned on us. So back to the flat for a quiet evening of postcards, journals and plans for our last day in Norway.

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