Down Time

On every trip, it is only natural to take a moment of relaxation. This morning, we woke to see the weather was not as expected with a 100% chance of rain. We were adventurous and traveled with umbrellas to the grocery store. After the soggy adventure, we both decided the day of museums was postponed. No one really wants to walk around wet!

So the Erickson’s were sidelined in their first official day in Stockholm, but the mid-afternoon nap, reading, research, and movies has been relaxing! Tomorrow the weather is cloudy, but no rain. We will resume our schedule tomorrow and look forward to visiting the Ericsson Globe sports and event arena. 

Seriously in the first steps off the plane Ericsson was posted everywhere. Why did my great grandparents Americanize our last name?!? Looking forward to dry adventures with my peeps! I am a quarter Swedish 🙂 

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