Rocky Start

Today was not the smoothest start to our Stockholm city exploration. We purchased a 72-hour transportation card that allowed us admission to any metro trains, buses, and ferries. The cards were about $30 USD and trust me that is a great price! The route for our first stop, the Ericsson Globe, was a two metro train path with an estimated 34-minute travel time. Being gun-shy about traveling a new city, I allowed for an hour. 

What I didn’t anticipate was the metro train would be running late, like later than late. We had to hop in an uber taxi to zip us to the Globe with nine minutes to spar! In London when riding the Eye, the time posted on your ticket was a light suggestion, but at the Globe they honor the time listed on your ticket. 11:50 was a nerve racking time! It was intense and expensive. Uber ain’t cheap y’all! I am trying to get all of my southern twang into my blog. I feel like I have change my accent to read less American and more English or maybe Canadian while traveling. The only interesting thing people ask when they hear you are American is “what do you think about the Presidential election?” I always go for a witty comment, like I am dealing with my students. My mom said religion, politics, and money are not public discussion points.

Once we arrived to the Ericsson Globe, we traveled to the peak of the world’s largest sphere, 130 meters above sea level. The view was a spectacular 360 degree landscape of Stockholm. It was great for my spacial reasoning. I was able to get my bearings seeing a bird’s eye view of the Old City, where we are staying, and everything else in this fairly large metropolis.

After the Globe, we gathered our thoughts and some caffeine from an American classic, McDonalds. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when in doubt head to the Golden Arches. They generally have free wifi and clean bathrooms. 

We then temped fate again on public transportation. All was clear with a ride to the Nobel Museum. Every year Stockholm host the presentation of five of the six Nobel Prizes. The 6th, the Peace section, is held in Oslo. It was a super cool museum with artifacts about the different Laureates, a section dedicated to the man, Alfred Nobel, and a rotating banner system will all 900 prize recipients’ pictures and subject area moving constantly from the rafters. **Nerd Alert**I have four names I would like to research further: Carlo Rubbia (1984, Physics), Christiane Nüsslien-Volhard (1995, Medicine), Roald Hoffman (1981, Chemistry), and J. Georg Bednore (1987, Physics). I will not bore you with the research, but I will tell you there was an exhibition of a photographer. He used 50 of the Laureates drawings about their research and findings and these four sketches were ones that caught my attention. 

After nerding out at the Nobel Museum, we caught lunch in a park near the Royal Palace. Unlike Oslo, we were not treated to an impromptu marching band performance. The gray clouds held off and the tour buses were in the distance, so it was quiet and peaceful. 

We then walked to the Modern Museum were I came face to face with an artist I had previously seen with friends in Mexico City. Kusama is a Japanese artist with the nickname, the polka dot princess. Her work is a delight! Her use of bright bold colors, variation in materials like pumpkin sculptures, and then covering everything with dots creates humor and quirkiness to her pieces. They also had a great outdoor sculpture garden with the works from Picasso, Calder, and Tinguely.


After strolling through the garden, we took a ferry ride. I was honest with my mom and told her I wasn’t sure where we would end up. The lines on ferry maps are vague and difficult to read. I am not a captain with nautical knowledge. We ended up on the right side of the channel, but time expired. We were unable to sneak in one more museum, but scoped out the tourist shop instead. We walked the last mile home for some additional steps on our FitBits. 

We have an early day tomorrow with a 7:45 train ride north to Fulan to the gardens of Carl Larsson, one of my mom’s favorite artist. It should make for a fun day in the country.

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