Spa & Shopping (Author: Big Al)

After a leisurely breakfast we headed to the bus station for SPA DAY. That’s right we did the Swedish massage and facial today. We arrived at the Elite Hotel and were greeted by Esther, our masseuse. Esther is shorter than me yes less than 5 feet tall and tiny, but let me tell you she can work the kinks out like no other. After a 2 hour massage and facial, Sarah and I left totally relaxed.  
We headed to a little cafe, The Green Smile. I apparently was seen as the ugly American today because I asked about a dish sitting on the counter. They looked like muffins to me but were falafel not like any I had seen. Anyway a gentlemen came out from the back and said he had to see the American. 

In true tourist style Sarah and I shopped for the first time in 23 days. I wanted to pick up a few things for the kids. I love to bring back things that actually come from the area not something when you turn it over it says made in China. I found some really unique nicknacks for the kids. In our bumming around we also saw parts of the city that we had not explored. It was a beautiful day, blue skies, cool breezes and a nice way to end our visit to Sweden. Tomorrow we board the boat for our cruise to Helsinki.

Side note from Sarah: We didn’t really take any photos today, but here is a cool statue of John Ericsson we walked by while shopping!

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