Mode of Transportation

I think traditionally when a person says they are going backpacking people tend to lean toward the idea of purchasing a multi-country railway pass and hop from city to city riding the rails. With new local airlines, like EasyJet, flying from each destination is affordable and quick. 

As we began to think about the conclusion of our backpacking trip, I thought it would be cool to travel by sea. We boarded the Viking Line Mariella (click the link to see great cruise deals) this afternoon at 3 o’clock and are now making our way through the archipelagos islands of Sweden. The waters are calm and ride is slow and steady. I think I have it calculated that we will travel approximately 18 mph, which is about 16 knots in boat terms. We will arrive in 16 hours to our next and last stop of Helsinki, Finland. 

Obviously speed is not the benefit to cruising in the ocean, but I will say it is very cost efficient. For a place to sleep (a cozy 2 berth cabin, AKA my walk-in closet at home, transportation, and complimentary breakfast the following morning was $57.50 USD per person. You can’t stay at a Red Roof in for those kind of prices! I think booking in advance and choosing an interior cabin reduced our fare. I know scenery is important when traveling by boat, but we are currently sitting on the 6th floor deck enjoying a nice window view.

Being in an interior cabin, I am looking forward to sleeping in the dark. Mom and I chatted today about the nature of circadian rhythm and how we have both popped awake at three and four in the morning. If I were to live in a Scandinavian country, I would need black out drapes and an eye mask 24/7!

Looking forward to our final destination! The last stop will all be impromptu, as we don’t have anything firmly scheduled.

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