Cloudy with a Chance of Chicago

It was our first official day in Chicago, and I was most excited about the schedule involving NO driving and ALL public transportation. Our day began with a fifteen-minute walk to the closest subway station to purchase a 3-day pass for our Chicago explorations. Great deal for $25 per person, we can use both metro and buses unlimited and it included a purchase of a reloadable Ventra card.

Knowing the unpredictable schedule of Marta in Atlanta, we arrived nearly two hours before our first activity started. Which again, I was reminded that in the south subways are horrible and in real cities they are efficient. I’ve experienced several metros worldwide, London, Mexico City, New York…and Chicago gets the quietest ride award. You could have heard a pencil drop and we were packed in there like sardines. The train was calm and perfectly scheduled. My mom was most impressed with a girl who worked on her eye makeup, liner and mascara, without a flaw.

It was our hope the weather would work in our favor having spent the previous day driving from Nashville in the rain, but the morning proved difficult with a chance of drizzle. Knowing the unpredictable beast of global warming, we were somewhat prepared with umbrellas and raincoats. However, the wind was more cutting than anticipated, but travelers gotta travel! And walking always helps keep the body warm.


The only scheduled activity was the Wendella architecture tour, a recommendation from a friend of my mom. It was fun and just like magnets, we were on board with 85 school kids from Powell Academy. I think they were 7th graders. My mom and I chatted about how these could have been students from our respective schools that geography does not change too much in middle school life. Cell phone rule, SnapChat is always a must, and Jordans are always on lockdown! It was a great ride with fantastically cloudy sites. Although the weather was not great, it was still a fun excursion.

After our tour, we hit the streets seeking warm coffee. After a minor debate, we crept into Stan’s Donuts near Michigan Avenue calculating the point value of sinful fried dough before us. My mom and I are both active members of Weight Watchers. She has been working the plan since 1992 and me more recently in 2017. The guilt was minimal and I’d guess we ate about 20 points in Stan’s amazingness!!! I picked our treats. Yes, for all who know today I made a decision! We devoured a lemon pistachio old-fashioned and a chocolate peanut butter banana pocket!!! Of course, you can’t eat like this every day, but damn they were amazing!


After our doughnut indulgences, we headed down the Magnificent Mile to window shop and site see. Making my Grandma proud, we explored the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. It was beautiful. Picked up some copies of sermons to bring home for my grannie.


We checked out some more shops and stops along the mile of awesomeness, grabbed a salad, and copped a seat near the super cool Apple store to watch boats and people. People watching is always fun!!! I observed a young man taking a SnapChat making a fitting gesture in front of Trump Tower. I love people, they are always entertaining and good for a laugh.

I am now sitting in our awesome AirBnB in Lincoln Park, waiting for laundry, and contemplating dinner? Do we go with some deep dish pizza to top off my doughnut-rific-day?!?

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