Frank by Al

Our adventure today took us to Oak Park to visit the home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright. We opted to drive in lieu of using our Ventra passes, and so glad we did. We were able to see several facets of life in the Chicago area. As Sarah and I left Lincoln Park, we traveled through Wicker Park and several less fortunate communities to arrive in the affluent Oak Park. It was crazy to be driving past Family Dollar stores, check cashing shops, pawn shops, and many run down or boarded up building to then simply turn a corner and be among some of the most beautiful homes, vintage architecture, and green spaces.


We arrived at the home of Frank Lloyd Wright and his first wife, Catherine Tobin. As we entered the house the first thing that caught my eye was the detail to trim work. The staircase treads were carved with dentil trim, which was also throughout the house from the crown molding to the headboard in the master bedroom. We moved through the house from foyer to living room to formal dining room upstairs to girls and boys rooms, master bedroom to Catherine’s room, children’s playroom and final down the back stairs to the kitchen. Throughout the entire house, the colors were muted shades of brown, the furniture was minimal and all made of solid oak with clean lines. The attention to detail such as acoustics and cross ventilation was ingenious. The grillwork over the lights, the leaded windows and stain glass panels were all exquisite and also marked the extreme detail of the Wright design. While Wright was not the most honorable of men he was a true artist and engineer. Upon completion of the home tour we toured the studio and again the same minimal and functional approach to every aspect of the space was evident. The last site on our tour was a 130-year-old gingko tree in the courtyard of the home that was absolutely beautiful.

IMG_9721We left the home meandered down the streets of Oak Park taking in the beautiful homes, had lunch in Scoville Park, did a little browsing in the shops of Oak Park then headed back to Lincoln Park. This was a day of seeing all walks of life. It made me appreciate my little corner of the world.


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