“Goodbye Chicago!” from Al

Sarah and I said goodbye to Chicago and hit the road early. It was interesting that an hour outside of Chicago we were on the prairie of Illinois, unlike Atlanta where you are in the burbs.   We had a short detour planned to Starved Rock State Park. It was a great little side trip. The legend states that the area was the site of a skirmish between two tribes of Indians the Ottawa and the Illiniwek. The Ottawa fled to the high ground and outlasted the Illiniweak until they starved to death hence the name Starved Rock. True or not it was some of the most beautiful real estate I have seen.

On the road again destination Indianapolis for the night. The ride was not bad just long. Pretty sure Sarah had a different opinion being the driver. The countryside is beautiful. It is one emerald green cornfield after another. It makes me happy to see that there is still so much open land. We will arrive in Asheville tomorrow for the next leg of our road trip.



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