Where’s Al’s License

Our goal for the day was to hike Mt. Pisgah elevation 5800 feet and finish the day with a rousing tubing trip down the French Broad River.  After a hearty breakfast and a walk with Matilda  (I was afraid this outing might do her in), we were off; we thought.   Now for any of you who depend solely on Google maps to navigate unfamiliar areas this may sound familiar.  Sarah and I rode in various versions of a circle for 45 minutes before Siri decided to get us in the right direction.  The only credit our little nemesis deserves is the beautiful drive we had down the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We finally arrive at our destination, Mt. Pisgah.  The hike started off pleasant, cool and beautiful under the canopy of trees.  About 15 minutes in it was straight up, climbing rocks like a Himalayan billy goat until we reached the top.  This stretch of the hike was approximately 1.25 miles in distance.  Needless to say, when we reached the top we thought we were dying, but the vista of the Great Smokey Mountains was absolutely breathtaking.  As  I went to remove my phone to take a few shots you guessed it my driver’s license fell out of my pack and through the slats of the observation deck.  It was a slow-motion moment that I could not stop.  Thanks to a young man on the deck he was able to go below and retrieve said license.  Between the license incident and the obnoxious kids that arrived on the deck right behind us our lunch plans quickly changed.  We made our descent down the mountain which was as precarious of the ascent.  We took our lunch to a lookout point which was as beautiful as the mountaintop and so quiet and peaceful.  I guess our goals were a little loftier than our stamina.    We opted out of tubing and checked out the outlet mall that we discovered on one of our many circular paths earlier in the day.


After a day of 14,774 steps, 86 flights of stairs, near catastrophe with my driver’s license, and some seriously excellent retail therapy, Sarah and I headed back to the Mermaid Cottage and a very unhappy dog.  We will say goodbye to Asheville in the morning and head our separate ways – me to Ft. Bragg to visit with Josh, Amanda, Robert and Izzie and Sarah to Atlanta to resume her classes at Mercer.  It has been a great trip.  However, Son the way home today Sarah and I discovered the River Arts district, so we have decided that another trip to Asheville is warranted to check out the art, have our tubing trip and indulge in a few of the restaurants we were introduced to on Sunday.  Goodbye, Asheville.


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