Chicago Wrapped

Two days! Two different missions.

Yesterday, we explored and walked just over 11 miles, explored Millenial Park, and the iconic Chicago Theater. While today, we were lazy, walked less than 2 miles, did some laundry, and ate, and then ate some more!


On our long journey through Chicago, we loaded up with an amazing breakfast at Xoco, Rick Bayless’ restaurant. We ordered three entrees and two pressed coffees. The avocado toast, scramble bowl, and french toast were spectacular. The only evidence was the empty plates. AND the COFFEE…amazingly caffeinated with a rich chococlately undertones.

We hit the pavement and walked along the river walk. I got us slightly lost, but we arrived at the Chicago Theater on time for an awesome 1-hour walk with Peter, actor, director, and theater expert. He encouraged us to walk through the Macy’s building, eat hot dogs and deep dish pizza, and swing by Garret’s popcorn for the cheese/caramel mix. (We accomplished three of the four suggestions.)

We had packed turkey wraps, purchased some drinks and fresh fruit, and then headed to Millenial Park for picnic lunch. I had downloaded a walking tour, so we didn’t miss the awesome art and sights of the park. The breeze from the lake was cool made our walk relaxed.


Prior to heading back on the subway, we walked through Macy’s and purchased Garret’s popcorn, which would later be a side item for dinner. This was the start of our eating demise.

Today, we woke up casually with intentions to walk down to the Lincoln Park Zoo, but our stomachs had a different plan in mind. We waited until the pizza joint opened. EVERY NIGHT, they have a line wrapped around the corner. Pequod’s has pretty good reviews and good lunch deal for a 7 inch “Chicago” style pan pizza for $4.95. We popped over to Barnes and Noble to get a few steps, but then thought about how delicious frozen yogurt would be…and it was! Now that we are home, we have snacked and worked on laundry. We head to Starving Rock state park in the morning for a hike before we hit the road toward Asheville.

Go team Food Vaca!


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  1. LInda · June 15, 2018

    So enjoying your blog!

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