Home Sweet Home

I have yet again jinxed the travel plans with my bad luck. The last three times I have flown international, everything is smooth sailing to the destination. I have a rocking vacation and then trying to get home, all hell breaks loose. 

We arrived from Helsinki Monday morning on a great flight with Norwegian airline. Then we had a connection with WestJet to Atlanta. Unfortunately, they cancelled four key flights leaving from Canada earlier in the day, so we were postponed to the next morning, Tuesday. I tried to negotiate a direct flight from Heathrow airport to Atlanta, but WestJet was not willing to strike a deal. However, they were accommodating with food vouchers for meals and a hotel room at the airport’s Hilton. 

We walked to our hotel, enjoyed lunch and dinner, relaxed, and commiserated with other passengers. I was still feeling anxious, so my sleep wasn’t sound. My fear was missing the alarm clock leading to the gate doors closing in my face and not returning home.

We arrived earlier than early to the terminal. WestJet said four other planes were leaving the same time as ours, so they encourage us to arrive early. We patiently waited in line to find our reservation had been moved to a different airline company with an afternoon departure. We had another airport hangout for about five hours, but I was excited to see British Airways was hosting our flight. No direct flights; we would have to connect in Orlando then Atlanta. United States soil was within grasp. My toes and fingers were crossed in anticipation of our new flight schedule. 

After boarding the aircraft, mom and I lucked out with an empty seat between the two of us. We relaxed in comfort. Snacked our way over the Atlantic Ocean with pretzels, vegetarian pasta, chocolate and blackcurrant cheesecake, and cheese and crackers. Once I regain my land legs in Atlanta, I will be writing a letter by hand to the offices of British Airways saying thank you for a smooth ride home, impeccable hospitality from our flight attendants Steve and Holly, and the great snacks. Oh, I forgot to mention they supplied us with toothbrushes!

When mom and I left Helsinki, we disposed of all toiletries, including our tooth brushes. The high-class hotel, Hilton, didn’t provide anything but soap and shampoo. Thanks for the excellent service BA, British Airways, or Bad Ass!

I will take a moment to reflect about the trip, but currently I glad to be home. I am excited to start a new part-time job with PaperSource in Atlanta. They are a stationary, paper, craft and art supply company that I have always admired and been a costumer. Looking forward to a different adventure in my hometown.  

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  1. Anonymous · June 30, 2016

    Glad you are home safely.

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