Final Thoughts

I am not sure I have fully digested the 60 and Doc mother-daughter backpacking 28-day trip. We have traveled 11,345 miles, walked nearly 423,321 steps, and enjoyed every second…seriously. I know most would think spending 28 continuous days, 672 hours, or 40,320 minutes with your mom would be too much. And TRUST me I have LARGE personal space boundaries, but the memories and adventures only strengthened our bond. My brothers say we are the same, but through this journey, I have seen the subtle differences between us. We are a good balance and value prompt arrival times, the flexibility of making a wrong turn, and spending money when it counts, like High Tea and spa days. 

Having traveled to a handful of destinations in my 33-year old life, I think I was coming to the Scandinavian region where my paternal family is from in search of the ‘ah-ha’. Like, “oh that is why I do that” or “now I understand my tall chunky body frame.” I was in search for my doppelgänger, my sister from another mother, who had been roaming a different part of the world, yet we oddly lead similar lives. Or maybe feel connected to a different culture that is a quarter of my genetic make-up. But I didn’t find my foreign twin or feel connected to the regions. Not to say I didn’t have a blast. But the search or quest for any epiphany was met with more looming questions and ideas for future travel plans. 

As afore mentioned in an earlier blog, we are all humans simply moving, working, and living with our family and friends hoping and striving to make the world a better place. One of my favorite artist, Georgia O’Keeffe said, “I have been afraid my whole life – but it hasn’t stopped me from doing what I want to do.” I think fear drives people to hesitate and leave goals unfinished. Traveling can be full of fear. Technical malfunctions with plane equipment, the unpredictable irrational behavior of others, foreign languages, currency, and transportation through an unknown journey. It is easy to see why people prefer to stay in their own sphere. 

But even though, I don’t have any revelations or confirmations about the why’s of exploring the world, I feel richer for the shared experience of my 28-day trip. Walking streets in wrong directions, attempting to decipher unknown words, to see once in a lifetime museums and landscapes, were all worth the fear. 

During our excursion through Norway’s countryside by bike, I vividly recall an internal struggle. Questioning “why did I plan this excursion, I have not ridden a bike in years! What if I fall off? What if my mom falls off? What if I make the wrong turn? What if, what if, what if…” All of the what if’s in life lead to fear and I am not going to allow that. 

I will continue to research travel destinations, search Pinterest for tips and tricks, read other blogs for insight. And prepare for what may come. Mom is ready to take off to Greece, Australia, and a plethora of other places, but we do have to pause, rejoin reality, pay off travel bills, and explore our backyards for local adventures. Hello home and looking forward to summer 2018. Watch out Greece!!! 

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