Rolling Out from the ATL!

The dynamic mother-daughter duo is hitting the pavement with a three-week road trip summer adventure of family, food, and fun!


Prior to leaving for our road trip, we booked a rental car from Hertz. With both my mom and I having newer cars, we thought we’d save the wear and tear. Meet Blue! A lovely 2018 Kia Sol! She is great on gas mileage, low profile for easy access for older-ish people, and enough storage for a few bags, snacks, and a dog!

As we scheduled an early start to our day, the exhausting events leading up to our departure called for sleeping in. We ran a handful of errands before heading to the interstate just after 10. Traffic in and around Atlanta is consistently heavy, but we breezed through the major hot spots. The area of most concern while driving to our first destination was traffic in Chattanooga. With a large music event just outside the city, we prepared for traffic. As we crept at a glacial pace, we never observed any reason for the delayed time. But regardless of traffic, we jammed out to two Apple Music playlist: (1) Dance Like You’re at a Wedding and (2) I Miss the 90’s! Both high energy and fun for the extra hours in the car. We arrived in NASHVEGAS! Or what is really known as Nashville just before dinner. My oldest brother has called Nashville home since leaving for college and his wife is a born and raised Nashville unicorn. We plan to spend three days in Nashville before heading north to Chicago.

Follow along as we hit the road and see what we discover along our way!


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